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The Teaching Complexity graphic featuring an illustration of a blue infinity sign, layered over with multiple lines. There is text saying 'Explore open and creative approaches to teaching and learning'

Teaching Complexity: Collaboration through digital learning platforms 

Teaching Complexity was a series of open online seminars that were designed for anyone in a teaching, teaching related or staff development role in higher education. Hosted by the Teaching and Learning Exchange, they were free to attend and run online to provide equal access to participants regardless of geographical location. Alongside international participants they were attended by those currently teaching and working in staff development at UAL and other HE institutions and even by a prospective UAL student.

The series was curated by Bonnie Stewart (Visiting Fellow, UAL and Assistant Professor of Online Pedagogy & Workplace Learning, University of Windsor) and David White (Head of Digital Learning, UAL) from the Teaching and Learning Exchange at the University of the Arts London. Each session had additional guest facilitators providing more in-depth commentary and guiding topics for the participants to discuss in the chat room.

Through talks, discussion and other activities, the seminars explored how open and creative approaches to teaching and learning can help students navigate the complexity of higher education and the digital environment.

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