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New podcasts explore student engagement and inclusion

Podcast: ‘International Student Experience’
Podcast: ‘Disruption and Correction’
Podcast: ‘Changemakers’

Three new episodes of Interrogating Spaces explore questions of inclusion and belonging for international students, engage in how decolonial practices and social justice intersect with our artistic practices, and bring LCC changemaker voices to expand on their experience as students and student consultants.

The recordings were designed and facilitated by Dr Amita Nijhawan in April 2022. In the first recording, two international students at CSM discuss their experience of coming to CSM, and the joys, sorrows and challenges of this experience. In a humorous and engaging way, the students reveal the emotional side to being an international student, and give tips to international studentsĀ andĀ tutors on how to help international students feel more included at UAL. In the second recording, an LCC Graphics Media Design student and a course support assistant discuss what we are trying to do when we bring a social justice lens into our artistic practice. The recording explores whether a decolonial lens is trying to redefine history or disrupt the present and future! In the third recording, not only do three LCC changemakers reflect on their experience as student consultants, but also give us food for thought on how we can rethink the question of awarding gaps from the student point of view, instead of obsessively focusing on university stats.

Future episodes in this series will focus on the intersections of class and learning, as well as the student experience of being assessed.

With special thanks to Hannah Kemp-Welch, Emmanuel Aouad and Disha Deshpande.

Interrogating Spaces is a podcast series that examines ideas around inclusivity and attainment in Higher Education. Each episode explores democratic and decolonised teaching practices through dialogue with practitioners as well as staff and students from University of the Arts London. It is made by the academic enhancement team at UAL. You can subscribe through most podcast platforms.

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