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PHOW! Give yourself a Power Hour of Writing

Join the Power Hour of Writing (PHOW), a new monthly writing group for all UAL staff. Give yourself the space, time, encouragement and support to proactively engage with writing. 

Use this time to:  

  • Map out your AdvanceHE Fellowship application
  • Draft an article (maybe for UAL’s in-house Spark Journal?) 
  • Compose a report 
  • Get started on a funding application 
  • Scribble creatively  

Research by Jensen (2017) shows this type of activity improves accountability, creates positive habits about academic writing, (Sword, 2017; Jensen, 2017) and feelings of isolation can be reduced (Murray, 2015). 

So why not make this part of your monthly routine? Join us! All staff are welcome.

Session timetable 

1.50 – 1.55pm

1:55 – 2:05pm

2.05 – 3.05pm

3.05 -3.10pm

Welcome from your facilitator, Santanu Vasant

Check-in and set goals   

Power Hour! Work on any aspect of your project  

Follow up and share your experience with the group 

Book to join us

Sessions run 1.50pm -3.10pm*

  • Tues 22 March PAST
  • Book here for Wednesday 20 April PAST
  • Book here for Tuesday 17 May PAST


Jensen, J. (2017) Write No Matter What: Advice for Academics. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press. 

Murray, R. (2015) Writing in Social Spaces: A Social Processes Approach to Academic Writing. London: SRHE-Routledge. 

Sword, H. (2017) Air & Light & Time & Space: How Successful Academics Write. Cambridge: Harvard University Press. 

Zihms, S.G. and Mackie, C.R. (2020) The Power Hour Of Writing: fostering belonging through an online writing community. [Online] Awaiting Publication. 

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