Listening to (more) UAL Student Voices

MA Academic Practice graduate and researcher/practitioner Victoria Salmon has been developing the work she did on her MA dissertation study, “Listening to the Student Voice.” This has become a series of interventions, culminating in the new UAL Student Voices interviews published on the UAL website.

After exhibiting a sound installation compiled of excerpts from UAL students talking openly and honestly about their experiences at the UAL Attainment Conference (July 2018) she was invited to run a listening workshop for senior managers at the July 2019 UAL Academic Leaders’ Forum.

The consistent theme in Victoria’s work is that listening to students’ experiences offers important new knowledge, for staff and students. This understanding has pedagogical value but perhaps, most importantly, can create strong connections on a human level between listener and speaker.

New UAL Student Voices site launched

In partnership with UAL Academic Support, Victoria has now developed UAL Student Voices, featuring students talking about what it’s like to study and learn at UAL. 

The 28 interviews are a powerful reflection of the rich diversity of experiences across UAL, as well as some common themes. Foundation level students speak about stepping up to university whilst mature students reflect on returning to study; overseas and local students alike learn to navigate London and organise their time. Other themes include managing parental expectations; studying with learning disabilities; navigating cultural norms and reference points; coping with stress, and much more.

Visit the UAL Student Voices site

There is a wealth of information about expectations of London, university life and UAL versus the reality and we’d strongly encourage you to listen in to the short clips, which are each 2-3 minutes long.

The success of UAL Student Voices depends upon the audio material being heard, and how this new resource will be used and by whom is an ongoing project. Victoria invites responses from you with any ideas, or comments arising from the interviews by email to

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