Two new Visiting scholars

UAL is delighted to announce two new appointments: Dr Frances Deepwell (above left) as Visiting Fellow, and Prof Ruth Soetendorp (above right) as Visiting Professor, via the Teaching, Learning and Employability Exchange.

Dr Frances Deepwell, Director of the Leicester Learning Institute, will bring her expertise in professional learning to support development of UAL’s Professional Development Programme, which enables staff with teaching and teaching-related roles to gain HEA Fellowship. Frances is a Principal Fellow of the HEA and member of SEDA’s Scholarship and Research Committee, and has a wealth of experience across a range of academic practice specialisms.

Previously at Oxford Brookes University, Frances established an innovative programme of peer support for senior staff to gain Senior and Principal Fellowship using a highly successful model of co-mentoring and self and peer evaluation of leadership practices that both raised the status of Fellowship and excited new interest in institutional projects to improve the quality of the student learning experience. 

Welcoming the appointment, UAL Head of Arts Education Elizabeth Staddon said “We are very pleased indeed that Frances has agreed to work with us to raise the profile of our Professional Recognition Programme. HEA Fellowship is an excellent way to recognise the professional teaching and learning expertise of UAL colleagues and to promote sharing of teaching practices and interests. Frances has a special interest in ‘conversational learning’ that I believe will be extremely well received within our community.”

Professor Ruth Soetendorp is looking forward to working to increase the awareness and value of IP education for a sustainable creative practice across UAL.

Ruth received an HEA National Teaching Fellowship and a Leverhulme Trust Innovative Teaching award for her pioneering work promoting Intellectual Property (IP) education. She has built her global reputation on delivering IP education with the UK Intellectual Property Organisation (UKIPO), the European Patent Office and World Intellectual Property Organization academies.  

Her recent research includes IP and Education in Europe, for European Union Intellectual Property Office; Research into Designs Infringement, for UKIPO; and (with National Union of Students) Student Attitudes to IP.   She has introduced online delivery of IP law to practitioners, and initiated IP management curricula for business and creative students. She most recently contributed to the Arts Council England Boosting Resilience programme, and is currently curating a guest series of IP Education posts for the IPKat blog.

Ruth will be working closely with Roxanne Peters, IP lecturer, in the Careers and Employability team.

The Exchange extends a warm welcome to both Frances and Ruth.

Continuing as Visiting Fellows are Dr Gurnam Singh (Race and Education) alongside UAL’s first online Visiting Fellow, Dr Bonnie Stewart.  Finally, Prof Alison Shreeve also remains UAL Visiting Professor.

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