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Let’s Talk About Digital! Join focus group and get £25 Amazon voucher


UAL Students are invited to join a focus group to share your perspectives on the internet and other digital technologies. You’ll receive a £25 Amazon Voucher as a thank you for attending 🙂 

We’ll look at questions like:

  • How does digital work in your learning and creative practice?
  • Where and how do you learn about digital at UAL?
  • What do you want more support with?

You’ll take part in a series of structured activities designed to help UAL understand how students here are developing digital skills and attributes.

To book via Eventbrite, please select which session you’d like to attend:

LCF – Tues 21 Nov 4:30 – 6pm

CCW – Wed 22 Nov 4:30 – 6pm

LCC – Mon 27 Nov 5 – 6:30pm

CSM – Wed 29 Nov 5 – 6:30pm

Thank you! If you have any questions, please contact Charlotte Webb:


PVC Frances Corner supports digital learning fund

We are delighted to have recently launched a new Teaching and Learning Fund for 2017. One of the strands within the fund is Digital Learning, which Professor Frances Corner, Pro Vice-Chancellor Digital and Head of London College of Fashion, has kindly agreed to support. She said:

“As Pro Vice-Chancellor overseeing digital I’m supporting and expanding the Digital Learning strand of the UAL Teaching and Learning fund. Applicants can bid for funding of £1,500, £3,000 or £5,000 for projects that will run between January 2017 and December 2017. The aim of this funding is to support colleagues and students from across the University to improve and enhance the student experience.”

Applicants interested in Digital Learning should consider the following:

  • How will the project extend excellent teaching and learning into digital spaces?
  • How will students be equipped with ‘higher level’ digital literacies around practices and/or student identity?
  • How will the use of digital be used to cross institutional or disciplinary boundaries?

Other funding strands are also available:

  • Inclusion and Diversity
  • Employability and Enterprise
  • Student-Staff Collaboration
  • Staff Collaboration
  • Curious, creative curricula
  • Environmental Sustainability

The deadline for applications to the fund is the 14th of December. Apply now.

Katie Mills appointed EEUK Board Director

Congratulations to Katie Mills, Assistant Director, Careers and Employability, who has been appointed as a Director to the board of Enterprise Educators UK. EEUK is the national network for enterprise educators, with a network of 105 member institutions. The company’s aim is to support its members to increase the scale, scope and effectiveness of enterprise and entrepreneurship education and practice.

The Director role is a voluntary post with a 3 year tenure, with responsibilities including attending EEUK board meetings and in some instances representing EEUK at events or conferences regionally/internationally and to lead/support certain aspect of the EEUK programme.

Katie said:

Board membership seems a fantastic opportunity to build UAL and personal networks and profile amongst HEI educational peers. Just from my first board meeting I can already see simply having a presence on the EEUK board brings a range of added value to a member HEI.”

To find out more about Careers and Employability at UAL, visit the website.

New and Improved Exchange Website


We are delighted to announce the launch of the new Exchange website. The site has been developed in response to college feedback, with the aim of situating and celebrating the Exchange as a sector leading hub for teaching and learning. We commissioned a new set of photographs and videos for the site, and are delighted with the wonderful shots and footage of teaching and learning across our colleges and our diverse disciplines. The site now offers a much improved user experience, and we hope you will find it easier and more intuitive to navigate. We hope it will become the ‘go to’ place for all things teaching and learning for colleagues across UAL and beyond.

External consultant Wyl Menmuir led the redevelopment project, and we asked him to reflect on the changes he has helped to bring about:

The new Exchange web pages are a real step up, both in terms of look and feel and the clarity of information the Teaching and Learning Exchange offers online. This was only made possible by the tutors, course leaders, technicians and academic coordinators across UAL who helped us shape the new content, offering their time and expertise in considering the information that would make a difference to them daily. We were led by the things you told us you wanted to see and we hope with the new Exchange pages you’re able to find more information, opportunities, contacts and events to help you to improve and develop both your teaching and your students’ learning.

The Exchange Dean, Professor Susan Orr, is confident that the new site will help us work better colleagues across the university. She said:

I am delighted that our web pages now reflect the ways that the Teaching and Learning Exchange shares, showcases and develops best practice in teaching, learning and employability by working in partnership with colleagues across our constituent colleges. These webpages truly are an exchange in the best possible sense of the word.

As the site develops, we hope that staff across UAL will contribute content so that we can reflect the great teaching and learning practices taking place in the colleges. Now that we have the site up and running, we will turn our attention to finding ways to make sure we are reaching out and giving staff the opportunity to share their work.

We welcome feedback on the new site. If you have any feedback, please contact Charlotte Webb:

UAL Attainment Project: Learning for All

Type3_Graphics_Standard2Professor Susan Orr and Diane Lucas (Academic Development and Services Administrator) have been asked to lead the UAL Attainment Project: Learning For All. The project addresses attainment differentials that exist between groups of students in our university, and recognises, builds on and extends college-focused attainment work. It has a particular focus on addressing the attainment gap for Black students, international students and working class students. To support this work we have appointed Dr Gurnam Singh as a Visiting Fellow. Look out for more information about this work in the Autumn term.

Dr Gurnam Singh appointed as Visiting Fellow

Gurnham SinghThe Teaching and Learning Exchange are delighted to announce that we have appointed Dr Gurnam Singh as a Visiting Fellow. Dr Singh is Principal Lecturer in Social Work at Coventry University and Visiting Professor of Social Work at the University of Chester, and brings invaluable expertise and experience to our work at UAL. He will be the advisor/critical friend for the UAL Attainment Project: Learning for All.


Dr Singh describes himself as an academic activist, and states:

what inspires me both in my teaching and research is the desire to transform individuals and society. I always seek to deploy a critical sociological imagination in my work as well as espousing democratic, humanitarian and universal principles. My belief is that committed scholarship has the potential to enable human societies to respond to the challenge of all kinds of inequalities, at the local, national or global level.’

We are so pleased that Dr Singh will be contributing to our work on diversity, equality and attainment.

Exchange and CSM to co-host prestigious ELIA conference in 2017

We are delighted to announce that the Teaching and Learning Exchange and CSM will be co-hosting the ELIA (European League of Institutions of Arts) Academy Conference on 5-7 July 2017. Titled: What’s going on here: exploring elasticity in teaching and learning in the arts, the conference will focus on teaching and learning in the arts, with sub themes on curiosity, research, social change and hybridity.

Dr Silke Lange (Associate Dean Learning Teaching and Enhancement at CSM) and Professor Susan Orr are keen to bring in contributions from students and staff across UAL and will be setting up a UAL group to support the steering group’s work. We will post further information about the conference shortly, but in the meantime have a look at this short video from last year’s conference in the Netherlands to give you a flavour of the event.

Several UAL colleagues attended the conference last year and were very impressed with the quality of debate and the creativity of the workshops and speaker contributions. As a result of our experience we pitched to ELIA and are pleased to bring this important teaching and learning international conference to UAL in 2017.

Please contact Katharine Dwyer if you would like to be involved in the UAL group:

Congratulations to staff for UAL Teaching Awards

Trophies designed by Chin Chin Lam and Kajsa Lilja, BA Spatial Design. Image: SUArts

Trophies designed by Chin Chin Lam and Kajsa Lilja, BA Spatial Design. Image: SUArts

A number of staff members who recently received UAL Teaching Awards have attended Graduation and celebrated their achievements. Among them was Elizabeth Staddon, Head of Arts Education at the Exchange. The UAL Teaching Award, run by UAL’s Student Union, allows students to nominate staff who have demonstrated excellence in their teaching. Elizabeth teaches on our MA Academic Practice in Art, Design and Communication.

Her students’ comments included:

Elizabeth was right there with us through our course. She was genuinely interested in all our projects, and shared our many trials and triumphs as we stumbled our way through the difficult MA dissertation process. As a tutor she manages to strike the perfect (difficult to pull off) balance between support and challenge. She is a fount of pedagogic knowledge, but wears it lightly, as if to reassure the learners that we are all in this together. It truly felt like we were! Beyond that, she is an inspirational female teaching role model – one of the very few people in UAL with whom I am able to share the tedious but very real struggles of managing family, study, research and work. Those snatches of conversation may seem trivial to others, but they are actually a lifeline. If Elizabeth can do it, so can I!

Elizabeth runs the Dissertation unit on the MA. In tutoring our cohort through it last year she created a safe space for the discussion and development of our ideas, allowing us to share our knowledge and research journeys. This was one of the most important aspects of the process for me; and I would speak for my peers here too. Elizabeth was interested in each of our projects: listening, encouraging, questioning, challenging – and even bringing us texts she thought would inspire. Aside from the supportive group seminars she established, she was always willing to meet us  to discuss any problems we might be having with our research, so that we felt fundamentally supported. It seemed that she was genuinely interested in what we were doing; and made us feel that it was worthwhile. This attitude to learning and teaching is one which others would seek to model. Elizabeth embodies the qualities I admire, and it was a privilege to spend time under her supervision.

We caught up with Elizabeth to find out how she felt about the award. She said:

It is an absolute privilege to be recognised as a teacher at UAL and I am touched that students have taken the time to express their gratitude. I don’t think we teach for the praise, but it really is lovely when we get it! 

Two very talented students, Chin Chin Lam and Kajsa Lilja, from LCC BA Spatial Design created the Teaching Award trophies. They filmed a video showing the design and making of the trophies.

To find out more about staff who received awards in 2015-16, visit the SU website.


Guest blog post: Diversity Matters as told through Diversity Matters Exhibit

Written by Annette Griffith, Journalist and diversity activist. Image credits: SUARTS

13323309_1162158403806147_4040073287844321522_oFollowing on from Diversity Matters Awareness Week in April, which was funded by the Teaching and Learning Exchange’s Student-Staff Collaboration Fund, Diversity Matters Exhibit followed in suit to continue the discourse around race matters – this time by fusing music and art.

Diversity is a topic that many people find difficult to tackle, but when a student leaves home to begin their University education, they can start to feel marginalized for many reasons, including their race. One UAL student has felt the need to spread the word on the issues facing the BAME community in education by single-handedly trying to champion the message for building awareness, as well as helping communities around the world.


Kai Lutterodt

Journalism student Kai Lutterodt who studies at the University of Arts in London, set up the awareness platform Diversity Matters to focus on the issues of race and BAME representation in the Arts and Media, Education and Work Environments. Her journey started when she found a lack of representation in her lecturers. She states ‘up until very recently there wasn’t anyone teaching who looked like me.’ Wanting to make a difference, Kai first became active member of the student body through her Students Union role as President of the UAL African Caribbean Society, organising events that included talks by BAME industry professionals. She said:

‘The word diversity covers a lot of issues, but I wanted to concentrate on race, as I feel that people are happy to talk about diversity, but can be more reluctant to talk about the issues surrounding race.’


Fabio Tedde

After the success of Diversity Matters Awareness Week, Kai has since gone onto set up Diversity Matters as a student-lead platform to make a big difference beyond education, and recently curated and launched an art exhibition Diversity Matters Exhibit at UAL with contributions from a diverse group of students and artists. Diversity Matters Exhibit was also a fundraising collaboration between Kai’s art workshop platform Art4Change, which aims to work with marginalised communities around the world and Pianist Without Borders artist Fabio Tedde. The theme of music was highlighted in the exhibition beautifully with a show-stopping piece of art in the form of a piano decorated by Italian artist Riccardo Girardi.

Professor Susan Orr, UAL’s Dean of Learning and Teaching Enhancement said:

‘I’m chuffed to bits to be linked to this project. The work is wonderful’

Deputy Vice Chancellor and Race Champion for UAL, Stephen Reid was full admiration for Kai and feels that Universities need to help individuals in order to improve diversity, but also that:

‘Institutions need to recognise their own problems, the processes, practices and procedures that may in themselves not be aiding the progression of BAME individuals.’

He summed up the night as being ‘such an achievement for Kai, who has worked so hard to raise the issue of diversity in the university.’


Kai Lutterodt and Stephen Reid

Find out more at and check out the video from the evening.

Course Directors: nominate a student for ‘Tell Us About it’ project

Diverse Student Voices in Creative Learning in Practice

Tell_us_about_itThe Widening Participation and Diversity teams are now inviting Course Directors from across UAL to nominate students for the University’s Tell Us About It project. This project focuses on Home students from Black and Minority Ethnic backgrounds, who are completing their course, and who have achieved to a high level.

Nominated students will be invited to record or present their experiences, in their chosen form, to add to a collection of case studies which inform learning and teaching across UAL. Students will be provided with mentoring to produce their story and a bursary of £200.

Course Directors can nominate one student per course using the online nomination form.

We are keen to have nominations from HE courses from across the University. Closing date for nominations is 8 July 2016. Please complete the online nomination form to nominate a student.

For enquiries, contact Terry Finnigan, Head of Student Attainment LCF: