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New episode of Interrogating Spaces: Pass/fail assessment in arts higher education

This new episode of Interrogating Spaces podcast features a discussion examining the potential of ‘pass /fail’ as a humanising, compassionate form of assessment.

Interrogating Spaces: Pass/fail assessment in arts higher education

The discussion took place within the online symposium ‘Belonging through Assessment: Pipelines of Compassion’ on 21st October 2021. The symposium forms part of the QAA Collaborative Enhancement Project 2021 and is a partnership between University of the Arts London (UAL), Glasgow School of Art and Leeds Arts University (LAU). The discussion between invited speakers Professor Sam Broadhead (LAU), Dr Neil Currant, (UAL) and Peter Hughes, (LAU) is facilitated by Dr Kate Mori (Academic Engagement Manager, QAA).

In this conversation the speakers explore the potential of pass/fail as a compassionate approach to assessment and identify the challenges in changing practice and policies from the perspective of staff, students and the wider institution. A fascinating conversation that explores the complexities of feedback and assessment and implications for student belonging.

For more information please contact project lead, Vikki Hill at or visit:

You can listen to the podcast here or through most podcast providers including spotify and itunes.

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