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Case studies in presence and belonging in Digital Education

On December 15, 2021, we hosted Presence and belonging in Digital Education, a day conference for UAL colleagues to share their experiences. Select the title to watch the case study recordings on Panopto.

You can also watch the Presentations of presence and belonging in Digital Education.

‘Bringing your whole self to Assessment’ Belonging and assessment in Digital spaces

Dr Janine Francois, Course Leader BA Culture Criticism and Curation at CSM 

I will share practical examples of curricula and assessment changes made by the BA CCC team under UAL’s minor modification process. The team introduced more practical forms of assessment which aim to challenge traditional modes of knowledge production by aligning assessment to social justice practices. 

New Waves : Livestream technology and innovations in peer to peer learning

Derek Wiafe, Lecturer in Photography at LCC. 

The proposed presentation will revolve around an online initiative called New Waves and how it explores the role undergraduates can play in producing teaching content that meets their own urgencies and those they find left out of curriculum. In 2021, the series became student-led, and a weekly programme was started that trained students from the BA Photography programme to plan, produce, host, and deliver the livestream. Driven by their interests / research, the new series champions the possibilities of students developing their own online teaching content in collaboration some of today’s most exciting practitioners (Ronan McKenzie, Yushi Li, Ibrahim Azab). The benefit for student has already been seen in the dedicate community, but has also included unforeseen outcomes in employability for the production team. 

Physical Digital

Peter Bond, Senior Lecturer, BA Performance: Design and Practice at CSM 

When lock down happened I had a minor panic attack. I was called ‘digitally illiterate’ I worked hard to overcome nerves of presenting myself, my voice over air waves and not in-person. Presenting, a live artist I have done all my life and now I was being recorded, distorted by my nerves and by my digital blocks. Double trouble. And this was not the only thing, I had to share, entice debate, find out what was going on in people’s homes, for example were they listening to me like one listens to the radio? I now need to summon up no end of stuff, paddleette, Miro, an artist! Collaborate Ultra, share screen, share my room, my background! I eventually drew on my experience in TV and pretended i was a DJ or TV presenter. I loved the impossibility of theatre on the flat screen. 

Approaching your Learning: online student module pilot

Dr. Frania Hall, Senior Lecturer and Course Leader of MA Publishing at LCC 

This presentation offers students’ views of how they learn best and their understanding of blended learning, as well as explores how they respond to concepts of presence (teaching/social/cognitive) in online environments. It reports on the evaluation of an online module delivered at course level in moodle, that I designed (as teaching and learning lead) for new students in the Media School at LCC and which was run as a pilot pre-sessional course for a programme area of 4 courses in September 21. 43 Students participated and we have feedback from the evaluation and from the online discussion forums and journals. I can also demo the module itself – it took 25 mins to do. 100% of students said it prepared them for starting their courses. It is something the media school may develop further so it would be great to talk further about it. 

Home Sweet Home 

Stacey Leigh Ross (Associate Lecturer, LCC) and Lee Leewis (Senior Digital Learning Coordinator, LCC) 

How can we co-create an online home with our students where they feel ownership, connection, and a desire to return. We will dissect how digital spaces and tools can be used to empower students to take ownership of their learning and build stronger connections to their peers. We will propose a theory for enhancing student engagement, autonomy and relatedness in blended learning spaces. 

Digital literacy or delicacy? Nurturing the ethic of ‘telepresence’ – in the case of ‘Synchronic Theatre’ in Global Art Joint Project 2021 ‘SOIL’ 

Dr. Michiko Oki (Associate Lecturer, Performance: Design and Practice) and Freddie Lippi (Production Manager, CSM) 

Our provocation is aimed at challenging the conventional artist/technician (as well as idea/material) division, transforming it into a speaker/interpreter relationship that bridges the gap between artistic and technical languages. To what extent should artists be aware of technical details? How can they communicate their ideas with technicians with delicacy? What is the ethical responsibility of being a ‘telepresence’ as an artist, a technician or an academic? These are the questions that we would like to propose in our presentation. 

Tips, tricks and tools for and by FE tutors

Joanna Norton (Associate Lecturer, LCF) 

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