Teaching and Learning Fund 2017-18: Awards Announced

The Exchange is delighted to announce the projects which have been successful in this year’s funding round. We had some excellent applications that we believe will make significant and innovative contributions to teaching and learning across four funding streams.

We had to make some tough decisions, and ultimately over £60,000 has been awarded across the 19 selected projects.  Congratulations to those selected, and we look forward to hearing about your work over the next year.

Project Title Grant holder/s College Funding Stream
1 The Edit Paula Smithard and Zoë Mendelson CCW: Wimbledon Inclusion and Diversity
2 Collaborative Zine Making with Zinesters May Warren CSM (Library Services) Inclusion and Diversity
3 Tempest: Applied Theatre Pilot Project Georgina Sowerby CSM Inclusion and Diversity
4 Co-design Innovative Entrepreneurship Programme in Spatial Design Cyril Shing CCW: Chelsea Employability & Enterprise
5 Facilitating and Resourcing Student Led Projects: Constructing the House of Daydreams Archive at Tate Modern Peter Maloney and student CCW: Chelsea Employability & Enterprise
6 Producing Future Homes and Communities: Utopias, dystopias, Heterotopias and Other Spaces Shibboleth Shechter and Marsha Bradfield CCW: Chelsea Employability & Enterprise
7 Co-designing entrepreneurial capacity Lorraine Gamman and Adam Thorpe CSM Employability & Enterprise
8 Chelsea MAFA: DIY Residency Patrica Ellis and student CCW: Chelsea Curious, Creative Curricula
9 Publication Ben Fitton and student CCW: Chelsea Curious, Creative Curricula
10 Drawing Performance Lucy Algar CCW: Wimbledon Curious, Creative Curricula
11 Ignition: Community Kiln Making Tony Quin and Duncan Hoosan CSM Curious, Creative Curricula
12 LCF Collab-Lab Lindsey Riley LCF Curious, Creative Curricula
13 Channel 2 Robert Sollis, Tracey Waller and Charlie Abbott CCW: Camberwell Curious, Creative Curricula / Employability & Enterprise
14 Our Generation I Impro for Elders Michael Spenser CSM Curious, Creative Curricula / Employability & Enterprise
15 PITCH: Camberwell Design Spitalfields Takeover Joanna Dennis,Charles Abbott, Angela Hogg, Darryl Clifton, and Jason Cleverly CCW: Camberwell Digital/ Employability & Enterprise / Curious, Creative Curricula
16 Coding Club: Learning to Apply Processing in Projects and Artworks Alex Schady, Richard Cochrane and Andrew McGettigan and student CSM Digital Learning
17 LASER 2.0 Heather Barnett and students CSM Digital Learning
18 Digital Fluency Version 2.0 Vija Skangale, Jennifer Williams-Baffoe and Caroline Rogers UAL Digital Learning
19 CCW Accelerator for New Digital Practices in the Arts Chris Follows and Digital Maker Collective CCW Digital Learning

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