New Attainment Workshops for 17/18

UAL has a rich staff development programme to support colleagues with developing diversity and inclusion in their professional practice. The Teaching and Learning Exchange is contributing to this programme in 2017-18 by running a series of new workshops for teaching staff, administrators, and managers that aims to address the attainment differentials that exist for BAME, international and working class students.

The Inclusive Attainment workshop led by Lucy Panesar and Terry Finnigan provides an opportunity to learn more about the causes of differential attainment and to develop collective strategies to address it. This workshop is suitable for all staff with student-facing roles, including academic, technical, administration, library, language and academic support. The workshop will run on 14 December, 22 March and 14 June.

The Inclusive Curriculum workshop led by Terry Finnigan provides a space for staff to reflect on their own diversity and pedagogic practices, and to review case studies of exclusionary practices that exist within the studio/workshop and seminar. This workshop is suitable for any member of UAL staff interested in reflecting on diversity and inclusivity in relation to curriculum and teaching practice. The workshop will run on 14 February and 20 April.

A series of four stand-alone workshops will be facilitated by Dr Duna Sabri based on her longitudinal research study on UAL student experience and identity. The four specialist workshops in the series explore study findings and practical implications in relation to:

1. Micro-Affirmation – aiming to deepen reflection on day-to-day interactions with students, and develop understanding of the cumulative effect these have on attainment. This workshop is relevant for all UAL staff with a teaching and learning related role.

2. Engagement with Industry – reviewing evidence that links student attainment with industry engagement. This workshop is relevant to staff who advise or support students about placements, or who lead course components that entail live projects or placements.

3. Formative Assessment – taking a fresh look at formative assessment practices. This workshop is for all UAL staff involved in giving students feedback on their work.

4. Curriculum – reflecting on tutor and student relationships to curricula, and ways in which both groups might construct relevance, identification and diversity. This workshop is for all UAL tutors involved in curriculum design and teaching.

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