Pedagogy Reading Group

15-Camberwell-Degree-Show-2011-BA _Hons_Graphic-Design-student-work-by-Naomi-WorkmanThe 2nd Pedagogy Reading Group session will take place at 17:30, Tuesday 27th January 2015 at the Museum and Study Collection, CSM.

The group will discuss Learning in the liminal space a semiotic approach (2014) by Ray Land, Julie Rattray and Peter Vivian. This paper was chosen because it engages with concepts that have become central to many pedagogies in Art, Design and Communications, specifically: ‘liminal space’, ‘troublesome knowledge’ and ‘transformative learning’. The session will be led by Graham Barton, UAL’s Academic Support Coordinator.

To attend please RSVP Katharine Dwyer: as places are limited.

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