Inclusive Learning and Teaching Unit

This unit is part of our MA Academic Practice. Participants explore the implications of an increasingly diverse student population for higher education policy and practice. It is worth 20 credits, and can contribute towards a PG Cert in Academic Practice.

Contact: Mark Armstrong

Before the unit you will be asked to:

  • Write 250 words about your understanding of inclusive learning within your own context.
  • Read a short extract from one of the reading list texts for discussion in the workshop.

During the unit you will:

  • Attend three workshops (09:30-16:30) to explore current debates in literature, policy and practice around an increasingly diverse population of students.
  • Consider theoretical models of diversity and social justice in higher education and reflect on your own position and assumptions about diversity and inclusivity.
  • Complete 3 blogging tasks responding to articles or websites and reflecting about your blog experience (20% of the unit grade).
  • Write a short essay (1,500 words) on the concept of inclusive pedagogy (30% of the unit grade).
  • Submit a 2,500 word report on a curriculum innovation you have carried out or are planning to carry out within your area around inclusive learning (50% of the unit grade)

Visit the Teaching and Learning Exchange website for more information about the unit or to apply. You can also find more information about the MA Academic Practice.

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