CLTAD renamed ‘The Teaching and Learning Exchange’

Change_new name postThe Centre for Learning and Teaching in Art and Design (CLTAD) is changing its name! We will now be called The Teaching and Learning Exchange.

CLTAD has been part of UAL for over 15 years and our work has developed and changed over this time. Professor Susan Orr, the Dean for Learning and Teaching Enhancement commented:

‘I wanted a new title for CLTAD to reflect recent changes in our approach and priorities. We support teaching across all the disciplines at UAL, so the ‘art and design’ in our title was too narrow. I also wanted something that said a bit more about our approach and what we do. Arguably the University itself is the Centre for Learning and Teaching in Art and Design. The CLTAD team play a critical role, but the big picture is much wider.’

Our new name is The Teaching and Learning Exchange. This signals that we welcome exchange and engagement with staff and students across all disciplines and colleges. We work in partnership with them to support and enhance teaching and learning.

‘Working with colleagues across the University I see great examples of creative teaching practices that promote learning and student engagement. We need to get better at joining up and sharing good practice and the idea of ‘exchange’ lies at the heart of this work.’

We will roll out the new title over the coming months as we reflect this change in our website and resources. Until we officially launch in Autumn 2015 you may find references to CLTAD online.

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