The Teaching and Learning Exchange pedagogic research mentoring scheme

Calling all pedagogic/teaching and learning scholars/researchers!

UAL has appointed two new Visiting Professors who will support the development of pedagogic/educational research at UAL. Professor Sue Clegg and Professor Alison Shreeve will be offering a small number of mentoring opportunities for UAL staff who are seeking to develop their research outputs and their research capacity. This offers UAL staff a fantastic opportunity to work in depth with a scholar with the aim of advancing their work to publication.

The mentoring offer

Successful applicants for mentoring will be offered:

  1. Three one-to-one hour long mentoring sessions. This will be face-to-face or via Skype and the time between meetings will allow for the revision of manuscripts.
  2. Critical feedback on draft work at each meeting.
  3. Support in relation to identifying and submitting an article to a relevant journal.

The application process

To make an application for mentoring you should include:

  1. A draft of work that is ready for further development through mentoring.
  2. An example of your work that has already been published if applicable.
  3. A 200 word research statement that sets out your research interests and publication plans. In this statement you should clearly state what you hope to gain from being mentored.
  4. Your five year research plan or equivalent (written as part of your appraisal).
  5. Evidence that your application has been signed off by your college Associate Dean for Research and your line manager (or equivalent if based in ADS).

Applications will be judged on the quality and clarity of the application and the draft work submitted.

Application deadline: Monday 29 February. Applications should be submitted to Vicky Haverson

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