The changing faces of CLTAD and SEE

The newly launched Teaching and Learning Exchange (formerly CLTAD) brings together a range of services that support learning and teaching in UAL. Two departments (CLTAD and SEE) which have worked side by side for a number of years are now more focused on college facing delivery. Student Enterprise and Employability (SEE) – under its new title of Careers and Employability – will be joining the Teaching and Learning Exchange.

The Exchange team will be working in partnership with students and colleagues across the university to support the implementation of the Learning and Teaching Enhancement Strategy.

The newly launched Exchange brings together the following teams and areas of work:

  • Technology Enhanced Learning
  • Reward and recognition for teaching excellence
  • Pedagogic Research
  • Teaching Development
  • Careers and Employability
  • Quality Enhancement
  • Student engagement

‘The new name for my area of leadership sends out a clear message about the  ways the Teaching and Learning Exchange team  work in partnership with colleagues across the university.  It underlines that we are most effective when we exchange and share ideas about best practice’.  Professor Susan Orr

These new names reflect more sophisticated and improved ways of working and, most importantly recognize that expertise about teaching, learning or employability resides across the University and not exclusively at High Holborn. The idea of exchange and enhancement across and between the colleges and departments is key to these new developments.

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