Practices of Enquiry: call for case studies of enquiry-based teaching

5b114088-a0b4-48ae-94c2-e6e59f0a95bdDoes enquiry form part of your curriculum? Are your students engaged in small-scale research investigations, problem-based learning or a research-based approach to projects and processes? If so, we want to hear from you.

The Teaching and Learning Exchange is working in partnership with the colleges to collectively investigate how practices of enquiry are taught and learned at UAL. We’re looking for examples of how staff support students to develop enquiry-led, inquisitive and curious approaches to their disciplinary practice.

What does it involve?
A team of student researchers will come to you and visually document your teaching practice. They will interview you and your students about your ‘practices of enquiry’. The resultant case studies will be curated into an exciting exhibition of UAL pedagogy next academic year.

Why do this?
We want to share best teaching practice across the University. We know amazing things happen in the myriad studios/classrooms/lecture theatres but we don’t often get to see it. We want to work with students as research partners to utilise our disciplinary visual and creative expertise to articulate our diverse pedagogic practices.

If you are interested in nominating a case study, please get in touch with Catherine Smith:

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