GLAD Conference 2014: The studio: where do we learn? Where do we teach?

GLAD_logo_confCall for papers now open! Deadline: 10 January 2014

GLAD conference : 27 Feb 2014, 10:30 am, Sheffield Institute of Arts, Sheffield Hallam University

This one-day event offers an opportunity for academic staff, technical staff, and research students in Art & Design to meet and consider the challenges posed by the changing notion of ‘the studio’ as the space for learning and teaching. Confirmed speakers include Professor Paul Haywood and Jonathan Worth.

Proposals could cover any of the following:

• innovative teaching in studio spaces;
• using space constraints imaginatively to maximise learning;
• new spaces: open access and social networking, are these the new studios? How can we use them?
• studio learning – how do students learn from expert technical staff? How is new technology impacting upon this area of learning?
• creating learning rich studios for students and course teams
• new build projects case studies; the shifting physical spaces of Art and Design HE and how they influence teaching and learning
• the external studio – working in and with communities and external agencies
• where and what is the studio? How does the concept of ‘studio’ relate to physical space and to student needs?

For more information on how to submit a proposal visit the HEA website

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