Digital Learning at UAL Erasmus Staff Week 2019

On Tuesday 19 March, Erasmus Staff Week 2019 kicked off at UAL. We were pleased to participate in the first day’s events with representatives from institutions in Spain, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Iceland, Italy, Belgium, Canada, Austria and Palestine.

A man is standing at the front of a room behind a podium. There is a projected screen with the note, 'We will embed the digital within all aspects of teaching and learning to prepare students for digital futures.'. There are three tables full of people, many are taking photos of the slide.

Dave White, Head of Digital Learning at UAL, gave an introduction to digital learning talk and facilitated a workshop titled: Using the Digital Environment as a space for teaching and collaboration. The workshop gave participants a chance to learn more about UAL’s Digital Creative Attributes Framework (DCAF), a tool that ‘provides a shared language around digital which can be used across colleges and subject areas to support the development of creative and collaborative practices in the digital environment.’ Erasmus guests worked together to use the DCAF to identify how digital practices are being used in their own institutions as learning and teaching tools.

A group of international people are sitting around a table. The table is covered with papers and multi colored cards. One man is smiling and the rest are looking pensive.

A number of DCAF cards and spread across the floor. They are blue, purple, red, yellow, pink, green and dark red. All of them are the size of a standard business card.

A group of people sitting around a table, all discussing the multi-coloured DCAF cards.

All DCAF related materials are available for download on the DCAF blog. If you have any questions about DCAF or how to use the downloadable materials, email Dave White (

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