Appointment of Academic Enhancement Model (AEM) Leads

The Exchange is delighted to announce the appointment of three out of four of the newly established College based Academic Enhancement Model (AEM) Leads.

AEM is a framework that will support evidence led shared reflection and discussion enabling us to work in a supportive and open way to improve the student experience for our undergraduate students.

These one year secondment posts will support and coordinate the Academic Enhancement work in the Colleges with a particular focus on addressing student experience and attainment.  The Academic Enhancement Model builds on and supports Colleges’ pre-existing enhancement developments.

The work of the AEM leads will be coordinated by Susan Orr and Siobhan Clay in the Exchange and each of the leads will work very closely with their College based Associate Dean of Learning and Teaching.   The AEM Leads take up their new roles in early December.  As well as coordinating the work of AEM across UAL, Siobhan Clay will support and lead AEM at CCW.

LCF: Liz Bunting
CCW: Siobhan Clay
CSM: Cath Caldwell
LCC: to be appointed.


Liz is currently a Lecturer in Fashion Marketing in the Fashion Business School.  Liz will be joining the AEM team and will work closely with Nick Almond (Associate Dean for Learning, Teaching and Enhancement at LCF).


Siobhan Clay will be joining the AEM team at CCW in November.  Siobhan is currently an Educational Developer in the Exchange.  Siobhan previously worked at Camberwell on the

Inclusive Induction project, which led into work on the Introduction to year 1 unit, Commonplace and a staff first year induction resource.  Since that time Siobhan has worked closely with colleagues across CCW whilst leading the Making a Difference Project.

As well as supporting CCW Siobhan will retain a role in the Exchange coordinating AEM across UAL.  Siobhan will work with Dave Webster (Associate Dean of Learning, Teaching and Student Experience at CCW).

There will be an additional appointment to CCW to reflect the dispersed nature of the AEM work across the three colleges.  Details to be announced shortly.


Cath Caldwell will be joining the AEM team at the end of November from her role as Senior Lecturer/Stage 2 Leader in Graphic Communication Design. Cath will work closely with Silke Lange (Associate Dean for Learning, Teaching and Enhancement at CSM).

Cath was recently supporting course teams during revalidation during her role as Academic Coordinator for Enterprise and Employability and while in that post she was one of the team who developed the Creative Attributes Framework for UAL. Cath has over ten years’ experience in staff development and in teaching at CSM.

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