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Teaching and Learning Fund 2020: Awards Announced

The Exchange is pleased to announce the awardees for the 2020 round of the Teaching and Learning Fund. This year, we have awarded over £50,000 in funding for 21 projects. We received a wide range of projects from combining art and neuroscience to introducing techniques for resilience. The wide variety of proposals made it incredibly challenging to select those awarded. 

As the Exchange further developed our remit during 2019, we were able to introduce new award strands and invest more in teaching and learning excellence across the Colleges: 

  • Attainment (new) 
  • Curious, creative curricula 
  • Digital Learning  
  • Employability and Enterprise 
  • Environmental Sustainability (new) 
The Application Process 

The administration of the Fund was further development by the Digital Learning, Arts Education and Web Services teams who worked to improve the user experience by moving from a paper to an online multimedia application using Microsoft Sharepoint Lists.  

The first section of the application form.

We hosted in-person and online proposal support workshops where potential applicants met with Exchange staff to share their ideas, ask questions and receive advice on how to form a proposal.

We introduced a period of revision for projects that showed strong potential but that needed a little more refining or consideration. This allowed the applicants to discuss their proposals with Exchange staff and receive advice on how to structure them to further enhance student learning and experience.

For awardees, we hosted two Ethics workshops where we examined British Educational Research Association’s (BERA) ‘Ethical Guidelines for Education Research’ and the responsibilities to various participants when conducting research of any form at UAL. 

The funded projects 

We are pleased to share the full list of projects we are funding this year. If you are interested in learning more about a project, leave a comment below or email us and we will put you in touch with the project lead. 

Project Leader Project Title  College Department Category
Alexander Cooper and Tim Hutchinson
GMD Type / Lab  LCC Curious, creative curricula 
Anne Eggebert What is a degree show? CSMAttainment; Curious, creative curricula
Annette Robinson Drawing out and drawing together. CCW: Camberwell Employability and Enterprise 
Bernd Behr The squares of the city: Critical interventions in urban data through visual and spatial practices.  CCW: Camberwell Digital Learning 
Cally Blackman GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES 1920 CSMAttainment
Heather Barnett Graduates in the Making CSMEmployability and Enterprise 
Helen Paine Career Exchange Pilot  CCW: Chelsea Employability and Enterprise 
Jhinuk Sarkar Illustrators of colour – voices in inclusion and mental health LCCCurious, creative curricula 
Jonathan Kearney Shared Language (art and neuroscience) CCW: Camberwell Digital Learning 
Jordan Mckenzie Resilience: How To Keep Going Through Tough Times CCW: Wimbledon Curious, creative curricula; Employability and Enterprise
Lynda Smith The Elephant in the Classroom: Disrupting the narrative of student life in the 21st Century. (see attached document for further details) LCCDigital Learning 
Mark Ingham and Emily SalinesLost and Found in Translation – An Interactive Workbook LCCAttainment; Curious, creative curricula
Michael Spencer GenerationsCSMCurious, creative curricula 
Mo Throp Exhibition & seminar for PhD and MA students CCW: Chelsea Curious, creative curricula 
Peter Maloney Exploring emotional pedagogies through virtual reality for transformative learning CCW: Chelsea Digital Learning 
Richenda Gwilt Environmental sustainability and materials Library Services Curious, creative curricula; Environmental Sustainability
Samantha Elliott Addressing attainment by developing a Intercultural studio culture CCW: Chelsea Attainment
Shibboleth Shechter PLAYGROUND CCW: Chelsea Curious, creative curricula; Environmental Sustainability
Silvia Grimaldi Communicating the Value of Project-based pedagogy (to students and staff)LCCKnowledge Exchange 
Vivienne Francis coLAB Teaching Project LCC Attainment; Curious, creative curricula
Stay in Touch

We will post periodic updates on some of the Teaching and Learning Fund projects here on this blog. You can also keep an eye on the Exchange monthly bulletin (sign up now!) and our Twitter feed for updates on projects and events you can attend to support them. 

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