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Simple strategies to support your students on Moodle

This is the first series of bite-sized video tutorials that UAL’s Digital Learning team is producing. The Simple Strategies videos offer user-friendly guidance to staff and are designed to have a positive impact on the experience of students using UAL digital tools and platforms such as Moodle, Workflow and myblog.

If you’re a member of UAL staff responsible for maintaining and updating your course pages on Moodle, then we encourage you to take a few minutes to watch the videos. Please let us know what you think by filling out this short survey. The results will help us in producing more simple strategies to support you and your students.

Making your Moodle content more accessible 

This video shows you how to ensure the learning materials you provide for your students on Moodle are accessible. It offers simple advice on using topic titles, alternative descriptions for images, formatting text and when to make content available for students. 

Making your images mobile friendly 

Images can enhance your Moodle site and support student learning but they can also cause pages on Moodle to download slowly, especially on mobile devices. This video offers you some simple strategies for making sure your students don’t have to wait too long to view them. 

Organising learning materials for the benefit of your students 

In Moodle, students need to quickly and intuitively find the resources and activities relevant to their studies. This video offers some simple strategies to help your students find what they’re looking for on Moodle.

Grouping course content in Moodle 

Grouping together related learning resources in Moodle helps students navigate and interact with course content in a methodical and meaningful way. This video explains the options for grouping course content on Moodle and advice on which one to use depending on the type of content.

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