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Professor Susan Orr announces ADCHE Editorship news

Professor Susan Orr announces news to Editorship of Art, Design and Communication in Higher Education Journal.

Professor Susan Orr shared this statement on Linkedin:

Ten years ago Linda Drew invited me to become the editor of Art, Design and Communication in Higher Education Journal. This international peer reviewed journal [is] published by Intellect Books. Linda was an excellent Editor and she was a tough act to follow!   It has been a huge pleasure to edit this journal for ten years.  To sit at my desk in the UK and encounter creative education scholars who are researching art and design education across the globe has taught me so much. Recently I have enjoyed working with Stacey Salazar who has become the Co-Editor and justine Nabaggala who is the journal’s Associate Editor. Both Stacey and Justine have made a really positive impact on the journal and I am grateful to them.    After a decade as Editor I have decided to step down and pass on my role to a new Editor.  It gives me enormous pleasure to announce that Dr Danielle Tran from University of the Arts London has agreed to take over my role and we will phase the handover of the journal in 2024.     

Danielle, Stacey and Justine will take this journal forward offering continuity but also fresh eyes and vision. It has been a huge privilege to be editor of this journal but I am ready to pass it over – knowing that it will go from strength to strength over the coming years. I know in my linkedin contacts there are ADCHE journal reviewers, ADCHE Board members, journal readers, journal guest editors and journal authors- I want to thank all of you for making this journal the ‘go to’ place for research into art, design and communication higher education.

Danielle is honoured to step into the role and shares her response: 

Many congratulations and deepest thanks to Susan, whose Editorial leadership over the last decade mirrors the flourishing impact and strength of Art, Design & Communication in Higher Education. Susan’s visionary approach is reflected in the journal’s expanding influence over the last ten years. Celebrating and recognising the significant contributions of Editors means Linda’s and Susan’s editorial excellence shall continue to meaningfully inform our work. It is an honour to step into the role of Co-Editor and work alongside Stacey, Justine, and the global ADCHE community to grow our knowledge and practices through creativity and criticality.

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